The Board

The Board of Directors meet monthly and welcomes comments and feedback from members and guests.

The Board

Rob Holdaway: President (
Dean Newell: Vice President (
Richard Walker: Secretary (
Iain Taylor: Treasurer (
Alice Lehane: Bookings (
Lorraine Gregory: Committee (
Michelle Lievert: Snowsports (
Bernie Ignatius: Committee

L to R: Michelle Lievert, Lorraine Gregory, Dean Newell, Rob Holdaway, Alice Lehane, Richard Walker, Iain Taylor, (Absent – Bernie Ignatius)

Committees and other roles

Alice Lehane: Booking Officer  (
Dean Newell: Constitution (
Adam Mulhall: Building Committee
Rob Holdaway: Environmental Management
Rob Holdaway: Building and Lodge
Rob Holdaway: SLOPES Delegates
Rob Holdaway: NP&WS Liaison
Rob Holdaway: PRREMS EMS Officer

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