Muniong Mumble 2016/02

Hello to all my Muniong friends
The Old Mumbler is hitting your inbox again with big news. Of course, the news is that bookings for Season 2016 open, for members, in one week’s time, on Tues 01 March.

There’s more, so pay close attention now, won’t you. Booking requests can now be made online. In fact that’s the way we’d prefer you to lodge your booking request. Go to, and look for Bookings on the top line. In the drop-down menu you will see the Online Booking Form. Click on this link and you will see the new form. Note that all dates are in American format, ie, mm/dd/yyyy and that the Payment Amount won’t accept a $ sign. (We’re working on it!) Complete the details (some are required) and click Submit. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your request.

When you lodge your preferred dates, Alice Lehane will then do her booking officer thing and juggle all requests as usual. Alice is happy to receive completed forms in her inbox immediately, but won’t even look at them until 01 March. It has been pleasing to see that a few members have been keeping their eyes on the website and have lodged already. Well done to you all, but please refer the previous sentence.

One more thing for you all to note. Muniong will no longer accept cheques by post for payment of accommodation or subscriptions. Of course, you’re welcome to write a cheque, but you will need to toddle down to your local bank and deposit it yourself. Much easier to do a direct deposit or pay online.

Some things don’t change. Members bookings open 01 March. Members’ guests bookings open 01 April and guests alone can book on 01 May. And there is a hard copy booking form also on the website if you prefer.

When you get your winter wonderland booking organised, don’t forget that there is plenty happening at the lodge already. Col Doolan has a team there as we speak and there is a big working bee planned for Easter. Looking for volunteers. Think about it, won’t you. If we don’t get the planned work done, we won’t open for the season. NPWS says so!

We’ll be back soon with news of the AGM, and other vital stuff. So stay tuned.

Muniong Mumble 2015/04

Greetings to all Muniongers

I know may of you will be concerned about our new managers for 2015 and your Old Mumbler has good news.  We have received a large number of quality applications, which the Board is currently working through.  We hope to have an announcement shortly.

In the meantime however, we have more mundane things to announce. The Annual General Meeting has been set down for Wednesday 13 May, 7;30pm at Roseville Memorial Club.  Formal notification, as well as the Financial Statements, will be forwarded by separate email over the next day or so.  If you don’t get it, please let the Treasurer Iain Taylor know –

Have you booked your stay at Muniong this year?  Booking Officer Alice Lehane would love to hear from you.  Get in while the going’s good.

See you at the snow! (or even the AGM)

Your Old Mumbler

Muniong Mumble 2015/03

Your Old Mumbler knows the question on everyone’s lips.  “How did the concrete pour go?” See for yourself.  From this to this.  The balustrade will be erected in a couple of weeks when the concrete is cured.  Then, finally, we’ll be waterproof and, importantly, legal.

Indoors, paint brushes have been brushing and rollers rolling.  There are new curtains, there are new pillows and there are new comforters, whatever they are.  Congratulations to new member Carolyn Cameron and partner John Casey, for joining us last weekend.  They worked pretty hard, but I think they had fun, too.  Because it is fun!  Want to see how much fun? Join us over Easter.

There will be a big push over the Easter weekend to finalise the 2015 maintenance programme.  Any time from Thursday afternoon through to Tuesday morning, we’d love to see you.  Think of it as glamping, you know, glamorous camping.  BYO food and linen.  It’s important to have the joint ready for P +T to set up the season.  And you will have fun! It’s a promise.  Contact Rob Holdaway,, 0407 056 737, or Iain Taylor,, 0424 495 595.

We’ll be back in your inbox again in about a week with a full update of the vacancies at the lodge prior to  non-members bookings.  If you haven’t booked already, this is the one for you.

See you at Muniong  (at Easter?)