Booking Policy and Conditions

  • MEMBER bookings commence on the 1st March. No bookings will be taken before this date.
  • All bookings will be made on a “first in, first paid” basis, starting from 1st March.
  • All bookings must be made on the Online Booking Form provided by the club. Or by downloading a Hard Copy here.
  • Hard Copy booking forms may be emailed to
  • MEMBERS and their immediate dependents have a priority booking period of one month from 1st March.
  • GUEST bookings, with MEMBER bookings, commence on the 1st April.
  • GUEST bookings, with no MEMBER bookings, commence on the 1st May.
  • MEMBERS are responsible for their GUEST bookings and behaviour in the Lodge.
  • UNFINANCIAL MEMBERS, who book, will be charged at GUEST rates.
  • It is not necessary too mail your booking form. Email is sufficient.
  • Enquiries by phone can be made only through the Booking Officer (not the Managers) on Mondays and Wednesdays between 7:30 and 9:30 pm. Or at any time by text message.
  • Enquiries concerning bookings can also be made by email to
  • All bookings are tentative until the Booking Officer receives full payment and a completed booking form. Members and guests are given 7 days to confirm any booking by payment.
  • The Accommodation Rates for 2017 are posted on the club’s website.
  • You will be emailed a receipt confirming your booking.
  • All MEMBERS and GUESTS must sign the register book upon arrival.
  • Room allocations are posted at the Lodge. Rooms are allocated by the Booking Officer.  Member requests for particular rooms will be considered but are not guaranteed.  Please include room requests in the booking form.
  • MEMBERS may transfer their bookings to their immediate family provided the Booking Officer is advised. The transfer of bookings may only be made with the approval of the Booking Officer.
  • MEMBERS may not transfer a booking to a GUEST.


  • All cancellation enquiries must be directed to the Booking Officer.
  • 80% refund is provided if cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to booking.
  • No refund if cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to booking.
  • Special cancellation rules may apply, if booking is reallocated.

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