Muniong Survey

Hi Muniongers

Some of you will have received a survey request from Muniong.  Was this a real survey?  The answer is YES.  Did it work the way we intended? A very resounding NO!  Please accept our apologies for this failure.

We had hoped to obtain feedback as to what type of branded club merchandise we could offer to members.   We still want that feedback.  So we’re going to try again.  You will receive the survey in the next 24 hours. There are five or six questions that we’d like you to answer.  Should take about a minute.  And we are confident that it will work this time.

Thanks for your patience, and the snow is bucketing down!

Muniong Mumble 2106/04

A quick reminder, that due to a cancellation, there are two beds available at Muniong – for the full week – smack bang in peak season, week beginning 14 August.  Get on to booking officer Alice, now.  And to see what else is available, have a look at the Lodge Vacancies page on the website.  Last weeks in both July and August look good, too.