Muniong Mumble 2015/06

Hello Members of Muniong

It’s mid July already and the white stuff is coming down in buckets.  Your Old Mumbler has been around for a while and he struggles to remember a better time to be at Muniong.  We have new managers who are doing a great job.  Bruce and Linda Powney are really keen to impress, and it shows.  The feedback coming to the Board is really positive.  If you have already booked you will have a ball.

Of course, if you haven’t booked your stay in the winter wonderland that is Muniong, it is not too late.  There are plenty of weekend vacancies through the peak months of July and August.  Go to the website vacancy page, pick a date and contact Alice to confirm your booking.

Those of you who have already stayed at the lodge this year will have received a Customer Satisfaction Survey email.  If you haven’t yet been to the lodge, you will get one after you leave. I hope that you all take some time to complete the survey.  The Board is really keen to get the views of members and this is a good start.  It’s anonymous so you can tell us what you really think!

Now, just to be boring, Treasurer Iain Taylor has mentioned to the Mumbler that there are a few recalcitrant members who haven’t paid their subs yet.  If you’re are one of these, expect to be peppered with emails, letters and phone calls over the next little while.  You have been warned!

That’s it for now.  Remember to come skiing at Muniong.  It’s going to be a really special season.

Cheers from the Old Mumbler