Muniong Mumble 2015/07

Hello Snow Kings & Queens
We will be moving into September before you can blink an eye. Your Old Mumbler has been to Muniong for his annual ski trip and can report that your Lodge is a fabulous place to be.  And fabulous skiing conditions to boot.  Feedback from guests has been very positive.  Bruce & Linda are doing a famous job, making members and guests alike feel very welcome.  A great job from both!

But this Mumble is unashamedly about filling the place.  Snow is tumbling down.  And there are two beds available this weekend, 28 & 29 August.  We’ve had a late cancellation and catering has already been booked so call Alice now.  Likewise 4 beds for the following weekend, 4 & 5 September. Call Alice now.

But wait for the big news!  It’s Uni holidays coming up and the Lodge is empty.  So, in a new initiative, we are offering 20 & 30 year olds four nights on-snow, fully catered accommodation at a 20% discount.  Stay for four nights, Monday 14 to Thursday 17 September, for $230 members and $375 guests. Unbeatable rates at a great joint! And there is plenty of snow.

Of course, if you fall outside the age demographic, you could do worse than pass the great news on to a youngish person of your acquaintance. Pretty please? Lets get the place pumping.

Your Old Mumbler

Muniong Mumble 2015/06

Hello Members of Muniong

It’s mid July already and the white stuff is coming down in buckets.  Your Old Mumbler has been around for a while and he struggles to remember a better time to be at Muniong.  We have new managers who are doing a great job.  Bruce and Linda Powney are really keen to impress, and it shows.  The feedback coming to the Board is really positive.  If you have already booked you will have a ball.

Of course, if you haven’t booked your stay in the winter wonderland that is Muniong, it is not too late.  There are plenty of weekend vacancies through the peak months of July and August.  Go to the website vacancy page, pick a date and contact Alice to confirm your booking.

Those of you who have already stayed at the lodge this year will have received a Customer Satisfaction Survey email.  If you haven’t yet been to the lodge, you will get one after you leave. I hope that you all take some time to complete the survey.  The Board is really keen to get the views of members and this is a good start.  It’s anonymous so you can tell us what you really think!

Now, just to be boring, Treasurer Iain Taylor has mentioned to the Mumbler that there are a few recalcitrant members who haven’t paid their subs yet.  If you’re are one of these, expect to be peppered with emails, letters and phone calls over the next little while.  You have been warned!

That’s it for now.  Remember to come skiing at Muniong.  It’s going to be a really special season.

Cheers from the Old Mumbler

Humble Pie Time

Hello to all Muniongers

Over the weekend, many of you may have received an email requesting a payment of 2015 subscriptions.

Please ignore this email.

At Muniong Central, we’ve been testing some new systems to improve our communication with members.  And it’s good that we do.  But it’s bad when it doesn’t go to plan, which is what happened this weekend.  Please accept the humble of apologies of the Board and particularly Iain Taylor, our Treasurer, who is happy to own up to a major stuff up.

But, of course, there are some members who still haven’t paid their 2015 subscription.  If our stuff up reminds you to cough up then well and good.  If it doesn’t, then we’ll be in touch again very soon.


The Old Mumbler


Muniong Vacancies

Just a quick note to let you know that the lodge vacancy table has been updated.  You can find it here.  Why not spend a weekend at Muniong?  You’ll have a great time.  Email Alice,

Muniong Mumble 2015/05

Hello from the Mumbler.
We are just three weeks away from the opening of the 2015 ski season and I know that for many of you it can’t come soon enough.

Your Board has the utmost pleasure in announcing that our new Managers have been appointed. Lynda & Bruce Powney are passionate skiers, have been involved in the hospitality industry over many years and are keen to make our Muniong experience all we would hope for. Their enthusiasm was evident at their interviews and the selection committee had no hesitation in recommending them to the Board. They have written an introduction to themselves which you can view here. I know that we will all make Lynda and Bruce feel welcome at Muniong over the coming season.

The AGM has come and gone for another year and it was pleasing to note that the turnout was better than in past years, including Director Juliette Spurrett’s attendance by video link from Canberra – a first for Muniong.

Things went as they usually do.  President Rob gave his thoughts on the year, including the lodge improvement programme completed through the summer. Treasurer Iain commented on the financials, including the lodge improvement programme completed through the summer. The Board was largely re-elected. Bernie Ignatius has decided on a rest after some 15 years a Board member and Dianne Hugill felt that her recent move to Moss Vale would preclude her attendance at Board Meetings. However, Rob has asked her to stay on as Membership Officer and she has graciously accepted. Our new Booking Officer, Alice Lehane, has joined the Board. Welcome, Alice.

Questions from the floor are always interesting and so it was this year. There was some concern that our booking procedures needed some fine tuning. The Board agreed to monitor this in future and implement any improvements required. There was also a question asked about our membership, particularly about the aging of our membership. It was generally considered that the information we have was not being used effectively and that in many cases we didn’t have enough information to formulate plans. The Board will be looking closely at this aspect in the coming year.

That’s all for now, folks. See you (and Lynda & Bruce) at Muniong.

Muniong Mumble 2015/04

Greetings to all Muniongers

I know may of you will be concerned about our new managers for 2015 and your Old Mumbler has good news.  We have received a large number of quality applications, which the Board is currently working through.  We hope to have an announcement shortly.

In the meantime however, we have more mundane things to announce. The Annual General Meeting has been set down for Wednesday 13 May, 7;30pm at Roseville Memorial Club.  Formal notification, as well as the Financial Statements, will be forwarded by separate email over the next day or so.  If you don’t get it, please let the Treasurer Iain Taylor know –

Have you booked your stay at Muniong this year?  Booking Officer Alice Lehane would love to hear from you.  Get in while the going’s good.

See you at the snow! (or even the AGM)

Your Old Mumbler

A message from Rob Holdaway

It is with regret that I need to advise you that Peter O’Connor & Terry Smithson have informed me this week that they will not be returning to Muniong in 2015.

After 11 great years, Peter & Terry have decided to accept new challenges elsewhere.  I know that all members have really appreciated their hospitality and will wish them well in the future.  Thank you, both.

The Board has commenced a recruitment campaign for their replacements and will keep members fully informed.

Kind regards
Rob Holdaway

Muniong Mumble 2015/03

Your Old Mumbler knows the question on everyone’s lips.  “How did the concrete pour go?” See for yourself.  From this to this.  The balustrade will be erected in a couple of weeks when the concrete is cured.  Then, finally, we’ll be waterproof and, importantly, legal.

Indoors, paint brushes have been brushing and rollers rolling.  There are new curtains, there are new pillows and there are new comforters, whatever they are.  Congratulations to new member Carolyn Cameron and partner John Casey, for joining us last weekend.  They worked pretty hard, but I think they had fun, too.  Because it is fun!  Want to see how much fun? Join us over Easter.

There will be a big push over the Easter weekend to finalise the 2015 maintenance programme.  Any time from Thursday afternoon through to Tuesday morning, we’d love to see you.  Think of it as glamping, you know, glamorous camping.  BYO food and linen.  It’s important to have the joint ready for P +T to set up the season.  And you will have fun! It’s a promise.  Contact Rob Holdaway,, 0407 056 737, or Iain Taylor,, 0424 495 595.

We’ll be back in your inbox again in about a week with a full update of the vacancies at the lodge prior to  non-members bookings.  If you haven’t booked already, this is the one for you.

See you at Muniong  (at Easter?)


Muniong Mumble 2015/02

Psst……..psst, over here. Anyone want to see a sexy picture? Click here.


Are you back with us, yet? Good. Three men and their trusty Hilti jack hammer ventured down to the lodge last weekend to prepare the deck for it’s new surface. As with most things in this renovation, it did not go entirely to plan. Instead of a nice sand and cement base easily removed with said jack hammer, the base was rock hard concrete. Well, the three men are now shadows of their former selves, having hammered themselves to a standstill on Saturday and then backed up for more on Sunday. Many and varied thank you’s to Rob Holdaway, Col Doolan and Iain Taylor.

Next weekend, the reinforcing steelwork will be put into place and tied down. At least we hope so. At time of writing we have a volunteer group of one. Not enough!. We desperately need more bodies to assist. Can you help? Please! Contact Rob Holdaway. 0407 056 737.

Now back to our opening question. Perhaps you though that the Mumbler was overreaching a tad, to describe a water heater as sexy. Not a bit! The three men, with their broken bodies, were the first to try out the new heater and it’s two sisters. The hot water is hotter, the pressure is higher and hopefully the bill will be lower. Sexy after a hard day jack hammering and sexy after a hard day skiing.

That’s it for the moment. More on the continuing renovations as they progress. But we need you this weekend. Call now.