Muniong Mumble 2014/05

It’s the third week in August and your Old Mumbler is happy to report that he is at Muniong, enjoying the hospitality of Peter and Terry and the company of his fellow Muniongers.

It’s a crisp sunny day, the slopes are not too crowded.  And there is plenty of snow. Expert judges are saying that this is one of the best seasons in memory.  The only downer causing some angst is that, on the morning we write, the Link t-bar is not working.  I’m sure, though, that it will be a temporary set back at most.  In the meantime, there is fabulous spectator sport watching people going down the shoot in front of the lodge.

The Mumbler is happy to report that he is in the company of royalty this week.  Not the British type, but the Muniong type.  Chris Sassellla and Peter Zanetic, together with wives Shirley and Katie, are holding court.

Newer members may not be aware that Chris and Peter, between them, knocked their heads together for the construction of the front wall of the lodge.  Not only does the wall provide extra strength to the superstructure, but, most importantly, we don’t need to close the curtains at night.

And best of all, they both still love their skiing.  Peter skied every day.  Chris received a text from Perisher, advising that he was the oldest skier on the mountain.  Peter O’Connor made the point that many lodges are losing their older members, but not at Muniong.  Because we value them and their contributions.  Go, Guys!

We wait to see what the gods give us, but there is plenty of room at the Lodge for mid to late September skiing.  Why not think of coming down.  If nothing else, you know you will be pampered.

See you at Muniong