Muniong Mumble 2014/04

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Smiggin’s snow is all the go!

Your Old Mumbler admits to not being much of a poet, but he knows a great season when he sees one.  What’s better, he can see it, and so can you.  No, we’re not talking about the snowcams on the Perisher website, excellent though they are.  No, we’re talking Facebook.

Muniong now boasts its very own Facebook page at;-

If, like your Old Mumbler, you are a certain age and, dare I say it, a certain gender and you just don’t get it, ask your wife to explain it all to you.  If she can’t, grab the nearest teenager.  Facebook will keep you up-to-date with the Lodge goings on and provide member communication and feedback.  A great tool!  But you need to “like” us.  Like?? – refer to wife/teenager above.  It’s easy.

But back to the snow. Season 2014 looks like being one for the ages.  Ooodles of the white stuff everywhere.  All lifts are operating now- and it’s only early July.  School holidays are drawing to a close, so now is the ideal time to book your Muniong vacation.  Peter and Terry are all fired up to make your holiday an experience to remember.  Why don’t you invite a friend?  You know they’ll love it.  Book with Bernie now.

See you at Muniong!