Muniong Mumble 2014/03

Welcome to the ski season!  Your Old Mumbler hopes that you can enjoy your lodge and ski to your hearts content over the next few months.

Guests this long weekend will note that the main hall in the lodge has been repainted.  Gone is the mustard look, so popular in the early ’70’s, but looking a bit tired in 2014.  Replaced by the latest avant-garde colour, hogsbristle.  Looks better than it sounds, and it does look very good.  You will need to book to see just how good it looks.  Have you booked your ski holiday at Muniong yet?

Peter & Terry are back from a relaxing few months in the USA.  They are fired up to give you the best lodge experience on this mountain, or any other mountain.  And you know they can!  We are very lucky to have them.  Want to be pampered?  These are the guys to do it.  But you have to book (see previous paragraph).

Going back to the paint job, (see previous previous paragraph).  Eight troopers fronted up to the lodge in early May for a working bee.  Got a whole lot of things done, too.  A great commander goes into battle knowing his troops must have two things – a great plan and the weapons to do the job.  Squadron Leader Bob Smith made sure we had both, and even kept smiling when we spilled enamel paint in his van.  Ooops, sorry Bob.  Behind every great man is a great woman and Board member Staff Sgt Betty Smith made sure there were no slackers on the team.  What a couple!

It was great to see Craig & Sarah Cottman there, too.  With kids of a certain age, they haven’t been to the lodge over the past couple of years, but they’ll be back.   Alice Lehane & Sandy Russell did most of the grunt painting.  Thanks, girls.  President Rob faffed around with the television.  Treasure Tubby faffed around with the modem.

Most of all, it was a really fun weekend, with a great dinner on Saturday night.  Hope to get more members involved.  We’ll be announcing another bee, probably in November, very soon.

See you at Muniong

Your Old Mumbler