Muniong Mumble 2014/08

Compliments of the season to you marvelous Muniong members out there. Your old Mumbler knows that you have all been good boys and girls this year and so can expect plenty of good things to come your way during the festive season.
There has been three – yes, count them – working bees already since the end of the season. Not only has the main hall been completely repainted, but so has the ski room and drying rooms. We’ve also begun the process of fire rating the internal walls between the upstairs rooms. But most importantly, we are on the way to waterproofing and resealing the deck. Big, big job!

WHS On The Run

WHS On The Run

Resurfacing the Deck Nov 2014

Resurfacing the Deck Nov 2014

As you can see in the photos, the tiles have gone and so has the seat. The back (front?) stairs have also been temporarily dismembered. Subsequent to these photos, scaffolding has been erected around the deck to allow formwork to be put in place for slab repair.
All this is in preparation for a final concrete pour on Friday 6 February. Fixed date – will not be changed. This means that we will require at least one more working bee in January to complete our preparations. We need you! Especially if you like jack hammer work. Which weekend are you available?  Take your pick from 17 & 18 January (favourite), 24, 25 & 26 January (the long weekend) or 30 & 31 January (emergency only). Why don’t you make a pre-Christmas new year resolution to come to at least one working bee in January. We really need all the help that we can get. Email President Rob Holdaway now.
Subscriptions are due on 1 January.  Separate notification will be out shortly, but don’t panic – no increase this year! Your treasurer will be your best buddy for life if you get the money in asap. And don’t forget, you can now use your credit card (or PayPal a/c). Simply go to the website, Look under Bookings/Payments and follow the prompts. It’s that easy.

Time to sign off for 2014. Your Old Mumbler has been asked to pass on the Board’s best wishes to you and your family for the coming festive season. Good luck in 2015. See you at Muniong.

Muniong Mumble 2014/07

Your Old Mumbler heads off to Muniong this weekend for the first of the working bees that we announced in our last newsletter. You will recall that we aimed to reseal and resurface the deck. And you might also recall that we asked for volunteers for each of the weekends that we had planned. How did we go, I hear you ask.  Members that contacted the President to confirm for each of the planned days were as follows:

1-2 November: zilch, zero, none, 0, naught, nix, nothing, nihil, nil.

15-16 November: zilch, zero, none, 0, naught, nix, nothing, nihil, nil.

29-30 November: two – hooray!

Of course, we are never bitter and twisted here at newsletter central, but the term “disappointed” is probably a bit too mild.  And we won’t even mention the word “levy” to get all the maintenance done professionally.

Of course, we’d still love to see you this weekend, or any of the above. Email the boss at

Muniong Mumble 2014/05

It’s the third week in August and your Old Mumbler is happy to report that he is at Muniong, enjoying the hospitality of Peter and Terry and the company of his fellow Muniongers.

It’s a crisp sunny day, the slopes are not too crowded.  And there is plenty of snow. Expert judges are saying that this is one of the best seasons in memory.  The only downer causing some angst is that, on the morning we write, the Link t-bar is not working.  I’m sure, though, that it will be a temporary set back at most.  In the meantime, there is fabulous spectator sport watching people going down the shoot in front of the lodge.

The Mumbler is happy to report that he is in the company of royalty this week.  Not the British type, but the Muniong type.  Chris Sassellla and Peter Zanetic, together with wives Shirley and Katie, are holding court.

Newer members may not be aware that Chris and Peter, between them, knocked their heads together for the construction of the front wall of the lodge.  Not only does the wall provide extra strength to the superstructure, but, most importantly, we don’t need to close the curtains at night.

And best of all, they both still love their skiing.  Peter skied every day.  Chris received a text from Perisher, advising that he was the oldest skier on the mountain.  Peter O’Connor made the point that many lodges are losing their older members, but not at Muniong.  Because we value them and their contributions.  Go, Guys!

We wait to see what the gods give us, but there is plenty of room at the Lodge for mid to late September skiing.  Why not think of coming down.  If nothing else, you know you will be pampered.

See you at Muniong

Muniong Mumble 2014/04

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Smiggin’s snow is all the go!

Your Old Mumbler admits to not being much of a poet, but he knows a great season when he sees one.  What’s better, he can see it, and so can you.  No, we’re not talking about the snowcams on the Perisher website, excellent though they are.  No, we’re talking Facebook.

Muniong now boasts its very own Facebook page at;-

If, like your Old Mumbler, you are a certain age and, dare I say it, a certain gender and you just don’t get it, ask your wife to explain it all to you.  If she can’t, grab the nearest teenager.  Facebook will keep you up-to-date with the Lodge goings on and provide member communication and feedback.  A great tool!  But you need to “like” us.  Like?? – refer to wife/teenager above.  It’s easy.

But back to the snow. Season 2014 looks like being one for the ages.  Ooodles of the white stuff everywhere.  All lifts are operating now- and it’s only early July.  School holidays are drawing to a close, so now is the ideal time to book your Muniong vacation.  Peter and Terry are all fired up to make your holiday an experience to remember.  Why don’t you invite a friend?  You know they’ll love it.  Book with Bernie now.

See you at Muniong!

Muniong Mumble 2014/03

Welcome to the ski season!  Your Old Mumbler hopes that you can enjoy your lodge and ski to your hearts content over the next few months.

Guests this long weekend will note that the main hall in the lodge has been repainted.  Gone is the mustard look, so popular in the early ’70’s, but looking a bit tired in 2014.  Replaced by the latest avant-garde colour, hogsbristle.  Looks better than it sounds, and it does look very good.  You will need to book to see just how good it looks.  Have you booked your ski holiday at Muniong yet?

Peter & Terry are back from a relaxing few months in the USA.  They are fired up to give you the best lodge experience on this mountain, or any other mountain.  And you know they can!  We are very lucky to have them.  Want to be pampered?  These are the guys to do it.  But you have to book (see previous paragraph).

Going back to the paint job, (see previous previous paragraph).  Eight troopers fronted up to the lodge in early May for a working bee.  Got a whole lot of things done, too.  A great commander goes into battle knowing his troops must have two things – a great plan and the weapons to do the job.  Squadron Leader Bob Smith made sure we had both, and even kept smiling when we spilled enamel paint in his van.  Ooops, sorry Bob.  Behind every great man is a great woman and Board member Staff Sgt Betty Smith made sure there were no slackers on the team.  What a couple!

It was great to see Craig & Sarah Cottman there, too.  With kids of a certain age, they haven’t been to the lodge over the past couple of years, but they’ll be back.   Alice Lehane & Sandy Russell did most of the grunt painting.  Thanks, girls.  President Rob faffed around with the television.  Treasure Tubby faffed around with the modem.

Most of all, it was a really fun weekend, with a great dinner on Saturday night.  Hope to get more members involved.  We’ll be announcing another bee, probably in November, very soon.

See you at Muniong

Your Old Mumbler

Muniong Mumble 2014/02

The AGM has come and gone for another year.  Your Old Mumbler was very pleased at the fantastic turnout.  Our Board is again headed up by President Rob Holdaway and his team from 2013 was reelected, too.  But it is a particular pleasure to welcome both Lorraine Gregory and Juliette Spurrett to the Board.  Both ladies are long term members of the Club and are still very enthusiastic about the joint.  We look forward to their contribution.

The working bee earlier in the month was a great success, but the work is not over yet.  It is proposed to hold two more before the season starts.  Please put in your diary the weekends of 10-11 May and 17-18 May.  Yes, two bees one week apart.  If you can contribute to one or both of these efforts, please email Pres Rob at, or call him on 0407 056 737 for details. Painting and gardening are all the go and we can teach you about both.  So, don’t be afraid, please put your name down now.

See you at Muniong!

Muniong AGM

A quick reminder that the Annual General Meeting of Muniong Ski Club Co-Op Ltd will be held this Wednesday, 9 April 2014 at 7:00pm at the Roseville Memorial Club Ltd.

Hope to see you there.

Muniong Mumble 2014/01

Hello to all Members of Muniong

And welcome to the brave new world of Muniong communications. This email has been generated from within our website, using a live member database. This means that when the membership register is updated, communication lines will also be automatically updated. So, hopefully, we won’t miss you.

Of course, as this is the first Mumble under our new system, we are all a little nervous about it. We’ve tested and tested (as some members will know, oops!). Hopefully it will go out without a hitch. But we’d really love your feedback. Post a comment on the website,, or reply to

Those that visited the lodge last year would be a aware that many members were keen to participate in a working bee to do some of those maintenance things that are always needed around the place. We are pleased to announce that there will be a working bee held on the weekend of 12-13 April. Followed by another in early May. The main task will be to prep and then paint the lodge hall. It has been looking a bit tired, so we are going to spruce it up. If you would like to help, contact President Rob Holdaway. Get to him at, or call him on 0407 056 7370407 056 737.

That’s it for now. About to push the button to send this. Wish us luck.


Your Old Mumbler